Privacy And Policy

We believes that your privacy is important to us, and therefore we are keen to protect it. The database and information that we collect are purely for professional reasons, and we wish to be in touch with you for new offers and updates.  Therefore, to ensure the smooth functioning of communication with our customers/clients, and to make them aware of our privacy policy, we have come up with certain norms that make sure your personal information, including your contact details, stays confidential. Permissions:  We seek permission before collecting your personal information such as your contact number, location, preferences, likes, age, gender, and all such demographic details to give you what is best for you. Once you allow, only then we will access this information through cookies on a website or personal interaction. Database: Your information is stored in our database, which we use for analysis and to study the trend that encourages us to bring up more newness and creativity to our skills. The database is strictly for us, and no one apart from Free India Market has access to it.  Confidentiality: We believe in respecting your privacy, and therefore everything you share with us or what we collect is kept confidential.  Communication: We communicate with you only when it's needed, and we do not spam your mails or message inbox. We understand the ethics and follow a decent pattern to reach out to you for new updates, offers, and add in the skillset.  Third-Party: Your details are safe with us, and we do not disclose it to any third party sources. We strongly hold back the primary data with us, and no other website or brand can get this data besides Free India Market.